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How To Use The DISH Game Finder App On The Wally

Jan 11, 2017 2:00:47 PM / by DISH Outdoors posted in TV, Wally, DISH Apps


With so many sports games to choose from, the DISH Game Finder App offers fans a way to watch and follow the most exciting games on TV. What's great is that you can access this APP with a mobile DISH receiver as well as a DISH home receiver.

With the DISH Wally Receiver, you just need access to an active hi-speed wireless connection and the Wi-Fi USB Adapter. While watching TV, viewers can select their favorite teams, follow up-to-the-minute box scores of individual games, watch two games at a time with picture-in-picture (PiP), schedule recordings and set reminders for upcoming games.


Not sure how to use the Game Finder App with the Wally Remote? Here are some quick instructions!

1. Press the Apps button on the top of the remote.






3. Game Finder will display scores on the right and game ratings and box scores below.



4. For additional display options, select the drop-down boxes to the top right.



5. Arrow to and select the game you want to watch.



6. Select Watch or Record (if airing will be later)



Written by DISH Outdoors

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